Friends Explain Why They Supported Science Center
September 24, 2009


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The building of the Science Center, which will be officially dedicated on Thursday, September 24th was made possible by the generosity of many friends of the College. Here are some donors explain why giving to the Science Center was important to them.

Like Helping Family
"Stonehill needed our support and it was like a family member asking for help -- how could we refuse? It was also an opportunity to honor Kathy's parents, Umberto and Helen Motroni, who had two children (Kathy '74 and Ellen '78 Motroni) and a grandson (Brian Dewey '10) attend Stonehill. In addition, our daughter Julie '13 is now at Stonehill and we wanted to make the Science Center a reality and to further strengthen the program for students majoring in those fields of study." Doug '74 and Kathy '74 Tarella

Honoring Fr. Francis Hurley, C.S.C.
"We have chosen to support both the scholarship and the Science Center aspects of the Attaining the Summit campaign, in honor of my uncle, Fr. Frank Hurley, who has dedicated his career to Stonehill's science program and students." Patrick Burke '84

Quality Graduates
"We appreciate all that Stonehill is working to do to increase both the number and the quality of graduates entering the region's scientific workforce." Joseph Nolan, Senior Vice President, Customer & Corporate Relations at NSTAR

Selfless Professors
"Many professors gave selflessly of their time to help me succeed by providing individual attention and developing meaningful programs, such as the hands-on Stonehill Undergraduate Research Experience. The Science Center will upgrade the learning space, facilities, and support for the core curriculum as well as research programs like S.U.R.E. Putting all this together, now is a good time to give extra support to Stonehill as my gift will have a real and lasting impact." Steve Buttiglieri '81

Athletics and Science
"Between medicine and teaching, our family has always valued academics. And, I have spent my career at Stonehill ensuring that our student-athletes compete not just on the playing field, but also in the classroom. That the College has an outstanding academic program works very well for those of us in Athletics and for my extended family." Paula Sullivan, Assistant Vice President for Athletics

Small Deeds, Long Remembered
"My father fell ill with lung cancer in the winter of my freshman year and passed away that January. Fr. Jack McCarthy, C.S.C. and Campus Ministry were great in helping my mother deal with the loss and, along with the Student Aid Department, found a way for me to continue at Stonehill despite financial hardship resulting from my father's death." Suzanne MacCormack '79

Love Story
"We fell in love in a biology lab at Stonehill and celebrated 50 years of marriage with a gift to the Science Center." Gerry '56 and Del '58 Carrier

Outstanding Value
"Although we are not graduates of this fine institution, we have long recognized its outstanding value to current and future students as evidenced by its very strong commitment to excellence in all aspects of a college education, community activities, and culture. We consider it a privilege and an honor to share in Stonehill's planned continued growth and positioning as one of the finest Catholic colleges in our United States." Ray and Peggy Pettit

Collaborative Learning
"The spacious, comfortable classrooms and convenient, modern research laboratories have ushered in a new era of collaborative learning at Stonehill College. By working closely with faculty members in real research facilities, our students are able to experience first hand how knowledge is generated in the sciences."Gregory Maniero, Associate Professor of Biology

A Student's Perspective
"There are rooms dedicated to student and professor research with two-way mirrors and video recording devices. As a psychology major interested in child psychology and child development, I am excited to see the new "playroom" for the developmental psychology courses. I am also impressed with the clinical interview rooms where students will be able to practice and observe clinical psychology in a much more effective environment. The building is beautiful and the facilities are amazing. I cannot wait to take more psychology courses in the new Science Center." Michelle Jaques '11

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