Alumni Help Launch Nuclear Science Partnership at Beth Israel
january 22, 2009

In 2007, the Biology Department entered into an agreement with the School of Nuclear Medicine Technology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, which guaranteed two positions for Stonehill alumni in its new Nuclear Medicine Technology (NMT) program.

In fact, Beth Israel accepted five students into the post-baccalaureate program, four of whom were from Stonehill.

Prepared Alumni

Assessing the program's first year, Director David Gilmore credits our young alumni with contributing to the success of the new NMT program. In a recent letter, Gilmore wrote that the alumni "were well-prepared, mature, goal-oriented individuals who had a strong grounding in biology and an enthusiasm to expand their knowledge in the healthcare field."

Scientific Understanding

In complimenting our alumni on how they performed, Gilmore noted that "Nuclear Medicine technology is a discipline that requires both a deep understanding of the sciences and the interpersonal skills, commitment, and compassion necessary for working with patients." And, he indicated that our alumni performed well on all those fronts.

Class of 2007 NMT Participants

Lauren Bennett (English), Erin Rickard, William Sticka and Christopher Tagliavini (all Biology) had other accomplishments while in the program. They all had their abstracts accepted as oral presentations at a National Society of Nuclear Medicine conference in New Orleans. Each alumnus scored in the top 5% on the national certification board exam. One scored in the top 1.5% nationwide.

Where Are they Now?

Lauren Bennett is working at Massachusetts General Hospital. Bill Sticka and Chris Tagliavini are at Brigham and Women's Hospital. Erin Rickard is at Children's Hospital.

For Provost and Academic Vice President Katie Conboy, a collaboration like this is a reminder that there are "multiple ways in which students today can enter the medical fields. Not everyone has to attend medical school. There are other options, and we are providing them."

Faculty Hailed

Director Gilmore paid tribute to our Biology faculty for preparing students so well for careers in Nuclear Medicine Technology.

He expressed special thanks to Medical Science Coordinator Sheila Barry and Dean of Academic Achievement Craig Almeida, who at the time was Associate Professor of Biology, "for their hard work and dedication" in making the program a success.

Next Class

Currently in the NMT program are: Joseph Kukler '08 (Multidisciplinary Studies), Russell Miranda '08 (Biology), Courtney Foster '08 (Biology) and Jarred Trouve '07 (Biology).


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