Students Hail Stonehill Opportunities
october 25, 2007

For two Stonehill students, the value of their education is defined by the abundant opportunities afforded them by the College.

Before almost 100 of the College’s benefactors at the October 25, 2007 Boston-area launch of the College’s Attaining the Summit: The Campaign for Stonehill College at the Charles River Country Club, the students explained why Stonehill is so special.

Danielle Mason ’08 told the audience about one of the most important opportunities provided to her by Stonehill: the scholarship that allowed her to stay at the College. 

Remembering the power and generosity of Stonehill’s alumni, friends, and trustees, Mason told the audience about a family financial situation that presented her with the possibility of having to transfer to another college.  

Mason discussed the situation with Vice President for Academic Affairs Katie Conboy and Director of Athletics Paula J. Sullivan and together they worked to find a solution.

“(They) recognized how much I loved Stonehill and what a great fit it was for me,” noted Mason. “I was awarded a scholarship that allowed me to stay. My family and I will be forever grateful for that help.”

Since then, Mason has taken advantage of many of the College's opportunities to learn and grow. She is a teaching assistant, student ambassador, and chair of the student-athlete advisory committee. As part of the College’s semester abroad program, she has studied in London and Paris.

An English and fine arts major and a Spanish minor, Mason is from Salisbury, Mass. She is a scholar and a star athlete on the Stonehill varsity softball team.

Ryan Hess ’10 told the audience about the opportunity he and other Stonehill students have to "attain the summit."

Commenting on the name of the campaign, Hess said “Maybe it was done on purpose, or maybe it was completely incidental, but the name Attaining the Summit applies to each and every Stonehill student.

“Every day we spend in our small suburban campus or on the streets of Boston and cities around the world, we work and attempt to reach bars that have been set for us by professors, bosses, and friends,” explained Hess.

“Sure, sometimes we fall. But I can assure you of this, a student at Stonehill would not call themselves a Skyhawk if they didn’t get back up and start working their way to the summit once more.”

“My experiences during my short time thus far at Stonehill have motivated me to be an advocate for everything the College believes in and offers. My faith, my mind, and my body have all changed and grown in the past 15 months,” Hess told the audience.

Hess, a finance major from Springfield, Mass., is a member of the Campus Ministry Chapel Choir, a starter on the varsity soccer team, a student ambassador, and a Student Alumni Association member. For his junior year abroad, he plans to study in Galway, Ireland.

In addition to the two students, Rev. Mark Cregan '78, C.S.C., president of the College and one of the honorary campaign chairs, and Thomas May '69, chairman of the Board of Trustees, addressed the benefactors, thanking them for their support of the College and explaining to them the significance of the campaign.

Attaining the Summit: The Campaign for Stonehill College
Attaining the Summit is all about students. We want to be able to offer them every advantage. Financial assistance. Exceptional facilities and programs. The best possible faculty. Recognizing that we always seek to attain a higher summit, we must equip our students today with the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly globalized, interconnected world. 

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