Stonehill students are full of energy and promise. They have an idealistic enthusiasm that, I believe, is enhanced by the Holy Cross educational tradition. Through our mission and our commitment to educational excellence, Stonehill transforms young people into confident and compassionate individuals ready to lead fulfilling and purposeful futures. It is our role and our privilege to provide the people, the programs, and the place to bless their journey.

The people are the bright students we attract and the faculty members who teach and inspire them. The programs are those Stonehill features that create a distinctive and incomparable academic experience. And the place is the setting where students play, pray, interact, and learn. Our place, nearly ideal in beauty and community, is lacking something we have done without for far too long: a state-of-the-art center for science.

Attaining the Summit: The Campaign for Stonehill College is our ambitious effort to fulfill the needs of our exceptional learning community and to celebrate our ascent as a nationally recognized institution.

With substantial support for the people, programs, and places that set Stonehill apart, we will continue to gather Many Minds for One Purpose: educating students for lives that make a difference.

As an alumnus, I am proud of Stonehill and honored to have witnessed our transformation through the decades. I hope other alumni, as well as parents and friends, will see the value of our mission and generously help Stonehill College in Attaining the Summit - for the sake of this and future generations of students.