Bill and Susan Devin


"I am interested in anything that has to do with giving kids opportunities, especially students who lack financial and other resources to advance themselves," says Bill Devin '60.

Bill's actions speak louder than his words: he is one of Stonehill's most dedicated supporters and a College trustee since 1994. Bill enjoyed a successful career with Fidelity Investments - Capital Markets for 30 years and, through his scholarship, assists Stonehill Business Administration majors.

More than 30 students have benefited from the Devin Scholarship, including Brad Hubbard '07 and Eric Robertson '08.

"I look forward to my next year at Stonehill, where I plan to work hard academically." Brad also plans to stay active in intramural athletics and enjoy his friends. "The Devin Scholarship helps make it all possible," Brad notes.

"It was an honor to be awarded the Devin Scholarship. In this day and age, with college being such a major expense, the scholarship is a great help. It also provides me with a great sense of accomplishment," Eric explains.

Through the generosity of people like Bill and Susan Devin, scholarships create educational opportunity for Brad, Eric, and hundreds of Stonehill students every year.