Goal for New Science Center: $15 Million
Raised to date: $8,023,101

Innovative ideas and solutions are often the result when Stonehill students and their science professors collaborate. In spite of being crowded into a 60-year-old facility, they manage to conduct sophisticated research together. Our graduates are being accepted into the nation's top graduate programs. High-tech companies are hiring Stonehill graduates and praising their work.

Stonehill College is a place whose ambitious spirit transcends mere physical limitations.

Today, we require a facility that reflects the quality of our outstanding students, professors, and programs. We need space that facilitates the interdisciplinary nature of science today. Top-of-the-line laboratories, sophisticated technological capabilities, and state-of-the-art buildings are now requirements for learning, not amenities.

And so it is time-time for a facility that pushes us higher as we and our students ascend to the summit. A world-class science center offers countless possibilities for students, faculty, and people in our local communities. It will be easier to recruit outstanding students and ambitious young faculty members. Teachers and students from our local school districts will be able to depend on us to help them achieve new levels of knowledge for science education.

An Ideal Science Center
Dedicated labs for cutting-edge research and teaching. Combined classroom/labs where students can immediately translate theory into practice. Faculty offices organized to promote interdisciplinary conversation and collaboration. A big, beautiful atrium where we can host conferences, academic events, 500-seat lectures, or informal student gatherings.

The new Science Center will possess all of these exceptional features and more. Meticulously designed to conserve environmental resources, the Science Center will accommodate highly sophisticated technology and promote experiential learning. Strategically located on the south end of campus, it will be our signature academic building - the first visitors see when they arrive on campus. Every Stonehill student, in every major program, will enjoy and benefit from it.

Help us attract and produce tomorrow's leaders in scientific discovery. Those who support the Center by giving to Attaining the Summit will share in what is sure to be remembered as milestone along Stonehill's path to the summit.