Goal for Student Scholarships: $20 Million
Raised to date: $24,150,228

A 1964 alumnus-now a prominent Boston attorney-remembers the day he was told not to worry about how to finance his Stonehill education. A recent alumna who never felt she could consider attending Stonehill was overjoyed when she learned about scholarship support that made her discarded dream real again.

Lux et Spes (Light and Hope) is the motto we live by at Stonehill College. The words are particularly relevant when you consider them from the perspective of the extraordinary young people who receive scholarships to attend Stonehill.

Our Holy Cross tradition-and our motto-remind us to educate students as beacons of light as well as our hope for the future. They will possess the courage to see and the competency to act. They will shine in their professions. They will use their minds and hearts to create a just world.

Yet there are so many bright and talented young people for whom Stonehill is out of financial reach-students who would otherwise thrive and shine at the College.

In 2006-07, we awarded $21.3 million in scholarships and grants. Still, we were not able to meet 100 percent of student need. We fell about $1.34 million short, even after factoring in outside aid from government sources. Annual Fund contributions also help us offer financial assistance to students, but these funds must be replenished each year.

A healthy scholarship endowment, with the help of Attaining the Summit, means we can enhance our diverse community by offering financial assistance to more highly qualified students of all faiths, traditions, and backgrounds. Endowed gifts last forever-as does the value of a Stonehill education illuminated by light and hope.