Goal for Academic Initiatives: $8 Million
Raised to date: $10,297,363

Stonehill College's academic environment is widely recognized for its quality and rigor, its innovative programs, and the well-prepared graduates it produces. We always aspire to the next level of excellence; additional funding will give us the flexibility and the means to enhance opportunities and explore new ideas for our students.

Our faculty members are accomplished researchers, experts from the private sector, and active scholars. As professors, they impart their knowledge and experience to students. As mentors and role models, they support, inspire, and prepare students to succeed no matter what their future holds. Endowed chairs and professorships will give us new ways to attract more nationally recognized scholars and to secure our place among the first rank of Catholic liberal arts institutions.

The Joseph W. Martin Jr., Institute for Law and Society, established in 1990 to house the papers of former U.S. Speaker of the House Joseph Martin, focuses on promoting social justice and sound public policy through an engaged and enlightened citizenry. It offers transcendent learning opportunities for students interested in public service, regardless of the career they choose. Additional seminars, research opportunities, and lecture series at the Martin Institute will advance Stonehill's mission to create a more just and compassionate world.

Every year, increasing numbers of students apply to be part of Stonehill's Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program. Established in 1996 to demonstrate our commitment to experiential learning, SURE creates a community of scholars on campus as well as a cadre of highly sought-after graduates in the future. Additional funding will allow us to offer the SURE program to more students, who will benefit from working together with faculty members to engage in authentic research projects.

The Learning Community (LC) New Wine examines what happens at the intersection of literature and philosophy when considering the modern world. Another LC, The European Union: An Emerging Superstate involves a trip to Europe, where students study how politics affects a nation's economy and business practices. In the Quantum Waves LC , students perform experiments in quantum physics to explore the wave nature of electrons and the particle nature of light. Learning Communities represent Stonehill's innovative approach to education. Required of students during their sophomore year, LCs link two professors and about 25 students to three courses-two in different disciplines and one integrated seminar that ideally includes an experiential component. This campaign will allow Stonehill to expand our Learning Community offerings, which encourage creativity, critical thinking, and interdisciplinary discourse.