Attaining the Summit: The Campaign for Stonehill College is all about students. When they come to this special place and entrust us with their potential, we want to be able to offer them every advantage. Financial assistance. Exceptional facilities and programs. The best possible faculty. Overall, we want them to know the transformational effects of being educated in the Holy Cross tradition. We want for them what they want for themselves: to become compassionate people of integrity who will lead us all to a more peaceful and just future.

Since 1948, Stonehill College has been climbing higher. Innovative academic initiatives such as our undergraduate research program and learning communities have transformed the student experience. Our alumni are achieving great things in medicine and education, psychology and business, law and the arts. Our faculty members are distinguished experts who synthesize their scholarly activity with their love of teaching.

Recognizing that we always seek to attain a higher summit, we must equip our students today with the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly globalized, interconnected world.

Attaining the Summit allows us to champion a future as one of the nation's premier Catholic colleges. We can celebrate this claim if we hold true to our mission and shepherd our resources to improve the student experience. Our new Science Center, additional scholarship resources, enhanced academic programs, robust Annual Fund, and excellent athletic facilities will both ensure our long-term institutional health and serve our students.